Poker Night

Dear Supporters and PHSTK Teams

Our annual poker night fundraiser is on  Saturday 2 JULY. The poker night is run by the Premier League Squad and I am assisting in the background.

How can I help?”  Show your hand ! Pick any below that cut the deck with you !

2000px-Playing_card_heart_A.svgDROP: Any prizes large and small for spot prizes , a silent auction  or to be made into hampers with lots of tissue paper and cellophane.

2000px-Aceofspades.svgBUY IN: Donate or sponsor food, plates, cups, chairs  decorations or to pay staff on the bar.

2000px-Playing_card_club_A.svgFLOP :Not an option.

download DEAL ME OUT : Help on the night while others play.

 image015GO All IN