Working With Children

The safety and wellbeing of all Club members is of upmost importance.    The PHSTKHC Working With Children Policy has been established to help ensure that the Club meets it obligations with respect to the Working with Children Act.

The Policy establishes who must have a current WWCC in order to perform certain Club activities, and the WWCC Register lists persons who have a WWCC.  The current Register is at the bottom of this page.  Please check the expiry date to ensure currency.

If you need to get your WWCC please complete the following steps:

STEP 1:  Apply for your free VOLUNTEER Working With Children Check (WWCC) at:

STEP 2:  Once you have received your WWCC details, register your details with the Club at:

You will need to enter your full name as it appears on your WWCC, your WWCC number, and your WWCC expiry date.

Once completed all of the above, your WWCC details should appear immediately on the WWCC Register above.

Any queries with regards to the WWCC Register should be made to the Secretary or the Juniors’ President.

WWCC Register

Amy Vincent, 1231427A-01, 2023-01-25
Andrew Garry, 0242023A-01, 2019-10-27
Anne Cerche, 02309728-02, 2020-04-12
Aurélie Fornasiero, 02329225-02, 2020-04-29
Belinda Thomson, 1196779A, 2022-12-06
Belinda Thomson, 1196779A-01, 2022-12-06
Ben Seccull, 0444490A-01, 2020-06-25
Bethan Watkins, 0942038A-01, 2022-03-09
Brian Lew , 1109341A-01 , 2022-08-30
Cameron Hughes, 0669716A-01, 2021-04-12
Cathy Volsteedt, 0649462A -01, 2021-03-21
Duncan Bearder , 0959531A , 2022-02-01
Edwina Olesebn, 1296107A-01, 2023-04-16
Elizabeth Dallimore, 0521035A-01, 2020-10-28
Eric Keser, 1195666A-01, 2022-12-04
Gabrielle Stewart, 0158987A-02, 2019-06-24
Grant McAskell, 0963965A, 2022-04-07
Jen McCoy, 095538A-01, 2022-05-09
Jeremy Laird, 0900779A-01 , 2022-02-01
Jodie Bartle, 0087855A-01, 2019-03-11
Kendra Margita Overall, 1207046A-01, 2022-12-19
Liz Delanty, work , 2021-03-15
Luke Bennett, 0948252A-01, 2022-03-16
Malcolm Kemp , 1213124A-01, 2023-01-02
Mark CERCHE , 0934861A-01 , 2022-03-12
Mark Peterson , 03054756-02, 2022-02-15
Natalie Ford , 03296770-02 , 2021-10-28
Niamh O’Connor , 1077771A-01 , 2022-02-02
Pauline Murphy, 03551727 - 02 , 2022-04-11
Rob Payne, 0759333A-01 , 2021-08-15
Simon J Richards, 0880380A-01, 2022-01-11
Timothy Barta, 1332734A-01, 2023-04-20
William Mark Cerche, 03902812-02, 2023-03-05
Zoe Parlamentas, 04277129-01, 2019-03-26