Powerhouse Teams

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Men’s Competition

Powerhouse St Kilda Hockey Club Men’s Section will be fielding 5 open-age sides in 2017 and welcome any new players for the following teams:

  • Premier League (PL)
  • Premier League Reserves (PLR)
  • Pennant B (PB)
  • Pennant F (PF)
  • Metro B (MB)

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Women’s Competition

We welcome anyone and everyone from new players, international travellers to juniors – we encourage you to get involved in the Senior teams listed.

  • Vic League 1
  • Vic League 1 Reserves
  • Pennant B
  • Pennant D
  • Metro A

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Junior’s Competition

Powerhouse Juniors welcomes all new players from beginners to experienced players.

In 2017 we have 7 mixed teams entered in the Hockey Victoria Winter Competition, including Shield and District teams from U12 – U16s, and one U18 District team.

We also offer a great U10 local competition as part of the Central Flames which is played on a 1/4 field and uses modified hockey rules. This was successfully implemented in 2015 with great success.
The Club also offers a Hookin2Hockey program for beginners which is currently mid way through the program.

During the Summer Season, Powerhouse Juniors are also very active in Summer 6s played at Melbourne High School on Friday nights and Indoor Hockey.


Preseason Sunday 19th/26th Feb, 5th/12th March – 9–11am

School holidays – Monday 3rd April – 5:45 – 6:45pm and Monday 10th April – 5:45- 6:45pm

Regular training for Juniors is at Albert Park Hockey and Tennis Centre (Hockey Drive, St Kilda) and starts week of 17th April 2017.

U10s/H2H /U18s – Mondays – 5:45-6:45
U12s –Tuesdays 6-7pm
U16s – Wednesdays  6-7pm
U14s – Thursdays  6-7pm

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Master’s Competition

Masters hockey provides an excellent opportunity for players aged 35+, both new and experienced, to enjoy playing hockey with flexible mid-week play, when growing families or busy lifestyles make weekend play difficult.

We have a range of Masters teams available, and one of them is sure to provide the right competitive and/or social environment to suit your playing requirements.


Men’s Masters 35+: Monday evenings

Men’s Masters 45+: Monday evenings

Men’s Masters 50+: Wednesday evenings

Women’s Masters 35+: Wednesday evenings (two teams)


Interested in joining the club?

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Find out about our fee structure and membership inclusions

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Chat to the club

Find the right person to talk to and find out more about the team you are interested in.

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How to Join

Learn how to sign up for a membership and join the club.

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Purchase Uniforms and Accessories

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Latest PowerPress and Club News

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Game Day Photos

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